Ministry Teams

Life Community Church is dedicated to being “lay-ministry mobilized” as we fulfill our mission as a church. That means we believe every individual who has given his heart to Jesus Christ and who considers this his church home is meant to have an important, effective part in what we’re doing. The “church” is truly functioning when every person in it is touching eternity through involvement in the lives of others.

LCC wants to empower people to discover and develop their God-given spiritual gifts. No matter what your gift mix may be, there is a place for you to use it effectively as part of Life Community. We believe every individual in the body of Christ possesses both the capability and the responsibility to be actively involved in ministry to others. Within our cell groups and the combined activities of the church, you are invited to get involved in the rewarding, eternal work of serving Jesus Christ with your time, talents, and treasures.

Contact us find out more and plug in to an exciting opportunity to serve God through the outlets here at LCC.

LCC Mission: Honduras

LCC Mission: Honduras In an effort to make significant and long-lasting impact among unreached peoples of the world, LCC has "adopted" the western mountains of Honduras as its primary focus for empowering the spread of the gospel. Partnering with Allen and Trish Sowers of Foundation for Missions, LCC participates in short-term impact trips, support of indigenous pastors and evangelists reaching the area, and projects such as feeding centers, clean water initiatives, church building construction, bridge-building, and other endeavors that directly reach the remote regions of the Honduran mountains with the message of Christ. For more specifics on ways you can be involved, see the LCC Mission:Honduras participation pamphlet here.  

Additional opportunities both through Mission:Honduras and other outlets are presented regularly to those who are part of the LCC family, and are listed in the "LCC Update," Sunday morning programs and events boards, and through cell group announcements.

LCC's cell groups regularly participate in both one-time and long-term outlets to provide education, food and clothing, shelter, and other provisions to those in need in our area. Take a look at our On Mission page for more information.

Missional Community